Born to Create a Better Tomorrow

The Institute opened on Oct. 3, 2018 to further American Family Insurance’s efforts to better communities around the country and increase its commitment to corporate responsibility.

Investments with Impact

The American Family Insurance Institute for Corporate and Social Impact is a project years in the making for the company, many of its staff and its former CEO Jack Salzwedel.

“I expect our company to be even more influential in our communities as [we] expand beyond philanthropy to include tangible investments to grow effective businesses in our communities,” said Salzwedel. “We envision the Institute supporting the formation and growth of social and classic entrepreneurs who create living-wage jobs and contribute to the overall societal good.”

The Center of Success

The Institute is run out of the company’s new Spark building just east of the Wisconsin State Capitol. Here, we build on American Family’s brand as an enterprise that deeply engages with communities and solves society’s greatest challenges through investments and partnerships.

The Institute is registered as a Public Benefit Corporation in the state of Wisconsin.