Our Mission

Closing equity gaps across America.

Who We Invest In

We invest in visionary entrepreneurs who are building scalable social enterprises in the following areas: economic opportunity for all, healthy youth development, learning and academic achievement, and resilient communities.

When We Invest

We invest at the Seed and Series A stages.

How We Invest

We understand our investment decisions affect the well-being of the companies in which we invest, the communities where they’re working, and beyond—both today and into the future. We believe in promoting a culture of inclusion, seeking out diversity of all types, and fostering a sense of belonging among all the people, organizations, and communities with which we interact. To further advance awareness and action, we will participate—to the extent of our abilities—in open discussion and reporting across our industry and encourage our peers to do the same.

Why We Invest

We believe that our focus at the nexus of social impact and venture capital will allow us to make meaningful, lasting contributions to society.

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