As we prepare for Climate Week in NYC, we’re excited to put a spotlight on the innovative climate startups within our portfolio as examples of the impact that can be made in this space when we prioritize equity in the climate industry. The companies we’ve selected are led by incredible entrepreneurs at the forefront of a transformative movement, poised to strengthen our communities against the challenges of climate change, and ultimately close equity gaps for historically overlooked communities.

At the AmFam Institute, we are investing in mission-driven, early-stage startups with a profound belief: in the face of climate disruption, equitable access to transformative technologies is crucial for fostering resilience across our society.

We believe that new technologies and business models have great promise. They enable our communities, businesses, and governments to not just withstand the impacts of climate change but thrive amidst adversity.

By investing in solutions that promote proactive adaptation and safeguard marginalized communities, we envision a future with higher living standards and improved health outcomes for all. Focusing our investments on solutions targeting universal access to clean energy, enhancing infrastructure resilience, fostering financial innovations, improving transportation, and mobility, and advancing climate intelligence solutions is at the crux of our investment thesis.

With this vision in mind, we proudly present the four pioneering companies that have captured our attention and investment as each works toward a more equitable future. The videos below showcase the founders who work tirelessly to make a difference in the world, and the people who have been impacted.

We hope you’re as inspired as we are to support the work being done at the intersection of equity and climate change and hope to continue the conversation at Climate Week NYC!

  • Ivy Energy: Making Renewable Energy Accessible for All

Ivy Energy is on a mission to democratize access to renewable energy for renters, delivering savings of 5-20% on monthly energy bills. Its software, Virtual Grid, helps shared solar become more valuable by reducing emissions and energy consumption while providing predictable returns to owners and equitable energy savings to residents. With a commitment to accessibility and affordability, Ivy Energy is lighting the path toward a cleaner and more cost-effective energy future.

  • BlocPower: Powering Efficiency through Innovation

BlocPower harnesses the power of machine learning to empower small to medium-sized building owners in the heart of metropolitan America with energy efficiency retrofit solutions. Collaborating with state and municipal governments committed to emission reduction, BlocPower aspires to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by a significant 2-3% within the next five years.


  • One Concern: Benevolent AI Saving Lives and Livelihoods

Based in Palo Alto, California, One Concern is a benevolent artificial intelligence powerhouse. Its mission is nothing short of extraordinary: to safeguard lives and livelihoods before, during, and after disasters strike. The company uses AI and ML on their platform to provide rapid damage estimates for natural disasters, as well as financial impacts of weather events effectively. Through its powerful platform, they empower communities and companies to identify, quantify, and manage their natural disaster risks equitably.


  • Solstice: Illuminating Affordable Solar Energy for All Americans

Solstice, acquired by MyPower Corp in 2022, is a beacon of hope, championing the belief that affordable solar energy should be accessible to every American, including the 80% unable to install rooftop solar panels. Solstice uses software and advocacy to help customers participate in community solar projects. Its goal is to make local, renewable energy accessible to everyone.